Top 5 Alternative Coins That Could Soar in 2023

Top 5 Alternative Coins That Could Soar in 2023: Since January 1st, the bulk of cryptocurrencies has seen recent gains, which has given the cryptocurrency market a sense of revival. In light of this comeback, we are choosing the top cryptocurrencies that are trading in accordance with the renowned bullish falling wedge pattern. This trend could result in significant gains for the chosen coins in 2023.

top 5 crypto Alternative Coins
top 5 crypto Alternative Coins

Description Of The Falling Wedge Pattern

When the price of an asset oscillates between two convergent trend lines, this pattern is evident. With these trendlines extending lower, this pattern frequently suggests an established decline and offers market participants a discount chance. Additionally, the pattern’s most frequent result is a bullish breakout from the resistance trendline, which starts a new recovery rally. With this breakout, the market’s attitude will change from selling during rallies to buying during falls. Additionally, the pattern’s lower high formation serves as a potential target following the breakout.


The price of the Ethereum token has recently recovered, and the monthly time frame chart displays a powerful green candle. This bullish candle breaches the wedge pattern’s long-coming trendline, suggesting a potential trend reversal early on.

The price of Ethereum is presently trading at $1558, down 68.12% from its all-time high of $4891. As a result, the coin price should pursue the prospective targets of $2140, $3630, and $4680 with further buying.


For almost two years, the price of the Ripple(XRP) coin has been oscillating within the wedge pattern. In the midst of the new year’s recovery, the price displays a breakout attempt from the pattern trendline, which may present a chance for holders of XRP to profit.

The coin price is currently trading at $0.4, which is 89.37% less than its all-time high price of $3.84. As a result, a monthly candle closing above the downsloping will heighten the bullish momentum and present a buying chance for purchasers who have been holding off.

The price goal for XRP under the impact of a wedge pattern might be $0.56, $0.936, $1.36, or $1.9.


The Cardano coin price displayed a consistent downward trend over the previous seven months in accordance with the falling wedge pattern. The price of the Cardano cryptocurrency delivered a bullish breakthrough from the long-coming trendline on January 12th, providing an entry point for inactive traders. The coin price has already increased by 12% as a result of the post-retest bounce, and it is now trading at $0.36.

Furthermore, the coin price can increase to the $0.43, $0.58, or $0.67 level if the buying pressure continues.


The price of a Polkadot coin is currently $6.27, which is 88.6% less than its all-time high price of $55.

Prices generated a significant breakout from the pattern resistance trendline on January 14 and drove the post-retest rally to hit the local resistance of $6.7 by rallying 17% higher.

In any case, the prices may continue rising after the breakout of the wedge pattern, reaching $7.3, $9.6, or $11.8.


One of the classic illustrations of a falling pattern can be seen on the AAVE price monthly chart. The coin price has fallen by 87.77% in market value over the course of over two years while resonating inside this pattern.

The recent rise in the cryptocurrency market encouraged coin purchasers to break over the resistance trendline of the pattern, indicating an impending recovery in the price of AAVE.

The price of this alternative currency is currently at the $81 level, with potential objectives of $114, $250, $425, or $584.

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