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Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2025, 2030

Rivian’s stock is anticipated to reach an average price goal of $35.61in 2025, with the lowest prediction being $32.72 and the highest being $37.59. This predicts a rise in price from its present level of about 24%.

Rivian Stock Price Prediction: The Electric Vehicle Revolution Has Arrived

We have built a model that provides details of both the vehicle and the market dynamics. By modeling Rivian’s financial performance, we can uncover the potential future impact of factors that affect the value of the company.

An emerging player in the EV industry, Rivian made several important announcements in 2018. For example, the company entered into a strategic partnership with Chinese automaker SAIC to manufacture its Electric Vehicle (EV) vehicle in China.

About Rivian Automotive Inc.

Rivian Automotive Inc. is an American electric vehicle manufacturer founded in 2009 by Robert RJ, based in California, USA. While Rivian Automotive Inc. and Amazon have teamed up to manufacture electric delivery vans, Rivian Automotive Inc. has just launched the R1T pickup truck and the R1S SUV.

The Rivian company launched its IPO in 2021 and raised around US$14 billion, prompting all investors to think it could compete with Tesla, and investors had invested several dollars.

Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2022

Although prediction cannot be made about any stock, looking at the market, it can be estimated.

YearRivian Stock Price Prediction 2022
2022$40 to $45
Rivian Price

For the year 2022, Rivian stock is forecast to remain around $40 as Rivian stock has not crossed the level of $40.10 in the last six months and this stock is still around $30.

I love the concept of Rivian as much as the next guy. However, I think it’s hard to get to $3 billion in revenue in less than five years for a company with only $169.6 million in revenue in its first three fiscal quarters of 2018. Right now, I see Rivian selling about 2,400 R1T electric SUVs in the first year, which I see selling at a loss for a while.

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While this is a good start for Rivian, I think there are better ways to invest in the growth of a new company. I think the company should look for a CEO and an accountant to help run the company. Investors should wait a bit.

Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2025

Before making the Rivian Stock Price Forecast, you need to know about Rivian Stock Price, if seen from the last year, Rivian stock has been in continuous decline because on 12th November 2021, Rivian stock was priced at $129.95, which is now present at $30.66 |

YearRivian Stock Price Prediction 2025
2025$180 to $210
Rivian Stock

But Rivian stock may see growth till the year 2025 as demand for electric cars is increasing now, so Rivian stock price is forecast to have $180 as the first target and $210 if it crosses it.

Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2030

Rivian stock is currently trading down 60% in the year 2022 but many analysts believe that by the year 2030, the price of Rivian stock can cross $230, with a high of $280. ​​Overall, Rivian stock is $230 to $280 in the year 2030. can reach approx.

YearRivian Stock Price Prediction 2030
2030$230 to $280
Rivian Stock

Dave Heinemeier Hanson: Take Tesla’s Bets on Automakers

2018 has been an incredible year for Tesla Inc (TSLA). In 2018, the company posted its first full-year profit in 15 years since going public, and in the process, paved the way for the mass-market Model 3 sedans.

So it was just a matter of time before the big boys were about to bite. Amazon and Apple have been interested in electric cars for some time, but Tesla is the undisputed king of the electric car sector at the moment. This year it looked like Elon Musk & Co. was going to go electric.

What is the price prediction for Rivian stock?

  • The estimated price for Rivian stock for 2023 is $45 to $80.
  • The price prediction for Rivian stock for 2025 is $160 to $230.
  • The price prediction for Rivian stock for 2030 is $230 to $270.
  • The price prediction for Rivian stock for 2040 is $760 to $930.
  • The price prediction for Rivian stock for 2050 is $1160 to $2100. Which can be too much or too little.

The resurgence of demand for EV and hybrid vehicles

The start of 2019 should be a very exciting year for the EV industry and Rivian. The past few years have focused on the production of electric vehicles and the path to mass market adoption. This is a reasonable expectation, but high battery prices and fears of shorter battery life and range have slowed demand for electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles.

What Stock Advisor Motley Fool said about Rivian Stock

Stock advisor Motley Fool says that the stock of Rivian is trading down about 60% from its IPO, he has also told the difference between Rivian and Tesla. Rivian has seen a decline in the number of vehicles.

FAQ: People also ask:

Is rivian stock expected to rise?

Rivian stock is forecast to touch $50 by 2025 with a high estimate of $70 and a low estimate of $25 and an average estimate of +64.19% from the previous price of $29.

Is rivian a Buy Sell or Hold?

Rivian Automotive stock has a sell and buys rating according to marketbeat.com website with an average rating score of 2.52 with 15 Buy ratings, and 8 Hold ratings with 2 Sell ratings based on.

Will Rivian shares bounce back?

Rivian stock fell sharply after several experts said they believe the stock will eventually rebound, despite reducing their price target from $130 to $60.

Is RIVN a good stock?

Valuation metrics show that Rivian stock may be overvalued from its intrinsic value, which could be a downside for investors participating in the stock.

Can I Buy Rivian Stock?

Investing in Rivian is a very low risk right now because Rivian stock is still present at a very low price, which is currently available at a price less than the value, you can invest in it.


So in this post, we have told you about Rivian Automotive Inc (NASDAQ: RIVN) and you are not advised to invest in it. If you want to invest, collect more information about it. Herein, we have focused on Rivian Price Forecast 2025, 2030 based on technical analysis of market news.

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