Bitcoin and Ethereum Crash as BTC, DOGE, and Other Cryptocurrencies Now Allow Purchase of Big Eyes Coin

The top cryptocurrencies have had a few days of disappointing performances, with Bitcoin and Ethereum suffering yet another round of losses. Since the beginning of 2023, both BTC and ETH have now experienced their lowest sales levels. This is taking place as cryptocurrency prices continue to fall, which has alarmed both investors and business analysts.

Big Eyes Coin
Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin

After displaying signs of vulnerability throughout the week with their sporadic huffing and puffing, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other significant crypto tokens were trading at low levels on Friday morning.

Bitcoin Experiences Rarely Poor Performance, Falling Below $22,000

In 2023, Bitcoin traded below $22,000 for the first time as the value of cryptocurrencies dropped sharply. To sell at $21,861.27 on Friday, Bitcoin lost 3.37% over the previous 24 hours and 7.1% over the previous 7 days. The majority of BTC investors suggested that it was probably time to end their “romance” with the most popular digital currency as a result of the ongoing tension this has caused.


The stumbling “big names” have failed to deliver the much-anticipated bullish run that could possibly change the tide and alter the trajectory of the currency that was once sold for as much as $68000, and many investors are now looking for alternatives.

Big Eyes Coin

Following suit, Ethereum trades below $1,600. As investors lose hope

Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency, also experienced a sharp decline in the retail market as cryptocurrency giants continue to endure a string of poor performances. In the retail market, Ethereum fell to $1,546.87 after declining by 5.04% over the previous 24 hours and 5.01% over the previous week.


ETH, which had previously demonstrated a good deal of stability in the face of cryptocurrency instability, appears to have given up the fight. Investor focus has now shifted to the promising newcomers like Big Eyes Coin and its like as they search elsewhere for the cryptocurrency that can act as a suitable replacement.

As investors seek safety, Big Eyes Coin now accepts Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

As it continues to welcome new investors into the Big Eyes family, the promising new coin Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has now opened its doors for users of Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Tether, Binance, and Tron to trade their coins for the brand-new and exciting Big Eyes Coin.

The meme token, which has grown to be a favorite among investors, has shown grit and determination with a massive $25 million presale. To the delight of investors and business observers alike, BIG has continued to grow rapidly as it gets ready to launch and also gives to charity. In order to support ocean charities around the world, BIG contributes 5% of its overall earnings.

The cat-themed coin also recently announced a 200% launch bonus, giving investors an incredible three times the value of their investment when they buy the BIG token. The 200% launch promotion for BIG will expire on Monday, January 20, 2023. Investors are hereby invited to take advantage of this offer while it is still available. Before it expires, use the bonus code “LAUNCHBIGEYES200” to take advantage of the 200% bonus and receive three times the value of your purchase! Big Eyes Coin is a financial investment that ensures substantial profits!

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