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Welcome to Proxynex. My name is Vikram Yadav. And I am a resident of India (Madhya Pradesh). This blog has been prepared by me, on which you will be given information related to Crypto Currency & News & Make Money.

Through Proxynex blog, we will keep telling you about Cryptocurrency & News. And we will try to give you very quick and accurate news about all crypto coins & News. I am not a financial or economic advisor. I will only give you news and information related to cryptocurrency or crypto coins.

If you are interested in cryptocurrency or information related to it, then you can go to Google and search proxynex.com and with the help of proxynex, you can get into English.

Apart from this blog, I have another blog which is in the Hindi language named HindiCoins, if you want to get information in the Hindi language then you can go to hindicoins.com.

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